1. Walter Robotics Owner Peter Walter VI Hospitalized After Science Accident


    By Walter Girl Bunny

    May 30, 2013

    Temecula, CA – It is with heavy heart that I must announce calamity has befallen the Walter family. Wednesday, May 29th at 11:15 AM a particle implosion hospitalized Walter Robotics owner Peter Walter VI. Walter Robotics, founded in 1911, is best known for the robots it created for local rock band “Steam Powered Giraffe.”

    Early last week, Mister Walter (age 26) informed his staff of his plans to stabilize a quantum conundrum existing at an undisclosed location in Temecula, California. I, along with the other senior Walter Girls in Matter Management volunteered to help oversee his experiment. He declined, stating we were put to better use on less trivial things. My attempts to urge him otherwise fell on deaf ears as usual, but at the time of emergency, it was reported that government agents were on hand to assist him during the experiment.

    A woman in sepia brown attire, one of the witnesses, informed me about what happened. Since none of the Walter Robotics staff was on hand during the accident, its the best account we have.

    According to the brown-suited woman, who insisted on being nameless, Mister Walter had been working in a Temecula field from late Tuesday night into the early dawn of Wednesday with four portable generators and a computer array of his own instrumentation.

    Though its not clear exactly what went wrong, the woman said Mister Walter unintentionally sealed a Blue Matter Rift he was planning on opening for high-speed travel, The subsequent dispersal of energy created a type of partial collapse that theoretically should have caused a massive explosion, but instead imploded into a singularity that backfired into Mister Walter’s face.

    In critical condition, Mister Walter was rushed via helicopter to an covert hospital. It is reported no one else sustained any injuries.

    As of now the extent of his injuries haven’t been revealed, but he is stabilized in a coma. His mother, aunt, and uncle left Walter Manor immediately after hearing of the accident and are currently at his bedside.

    Personally, working at Walter Robotics these past few years has had its share of risks for me, but I understand the individual sacrifices we make working in the niche field that we do. As a Matter Manager, my unique position has its own side effects and concerns in working with unstable energies and quandary particles, but I know its for the enrichment of the science and all those who come after me.

    Peter’s selflessness should stand out in this event more than anything. It is his motto and creed to take the bunt of the impossible dream, and it is his eagerness to bear this weight that holds us together as a company.

    All of the employees at Walter Robotics wish Mister Walter a fast and full recovery. Our thoughts go out to his family, friends, and fans of his family’s creations.

    Peter’s father, Peter Walter V, has insisted that Walter Robotics Expo on July 18th will still go on as planned. We’re still quite busy in preparation for the event, tuning up the Steam Powered Giraffe robots and scheduling our affairs, and we promise to do our best in carrying out his vision!

    On a final note, following the accident something peculiar has arisen. We here at Walter Manor have noticed a lot of recent reports early this morning: a plethora of blue matter portals have opened in the strange matter quantum entanglement web. It would seem Mister Walter’s initial attempt to open up a single portal, though resulting in its collapse, has dispersed the energy into other rifts, creating a multitude of portals across the dimensional sea.

    In other words, I expect a lot of Verkians, Kazoolanders, and time travelers to be able to easily attend the Expo in San Diego, California this July. However, I urge you all to respect your corresponding authorities in use of these new portals. The Cavalcadium has informed us they have relocated a lot of their members across Kazooland, and to expect service outages in transportation shuttles, anomaly doorways, and website use.

    We will inform you all of any updates concerning the state of Peter Walter VI, and we hope you too will send your love to him and his family.

    Walter Girl Bunny
    Matter Management Mistress

    An unfortunate accident in which we send our deepest sympathies. We would urge the public to stay away from the area in question as it is unknown if there are potential radiation threats posed by Peter’s rash abuse of technology.

    Walter Robotics, wouldn’t you like to disclose the location of the Temecula field in question for the public’s safety? This seems like the responsible thing to do in a crisis like this.

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